Our real estate development team possess an incisive understanding of the nuances and intricacies of real estate development and a deep understanding of how each stage of the development process fits together.

We guide our clients through every aspect of the process: bidding, entitlement, budgeting, planning, scheduling, financing, permitting and construction. We also handle post-construction matters, such as permanent finance, leasing and sales.

Unlike many other firms, our involvement does not end once contracts are signed. Our clients ask us to work directly with development professionals, consultants and contractors to achieve satisfactory outcomes. We also work with or modify existing ground leases, reciprocal easement agreements and bond financing documents in connection with development.

Towards the end of development, we are available to advise our clients on the management, leasing and refinancing of their real estate assets. Our aim is to ensure a seamless transition from development to operations; to this end, we have negotiated and prepared property management and brokerage/leasing agreements for nearly all of the commercial real estate projects on which we have advised.

We have counseled clients on the development, redevelopment and renovation of:

  • hotels
  • multi-family rentals and condominiums
  • office buildings and office spaces
  • hospitals and medical office buildings
  • museums
  • high-end home, apartment and townhouse properties

The scope of our work includes the preparation and negotiation of:

  • construction loan documents with construction lenders
  • development agreements with developers
  • construction contracts with general contractors
  • agreements with other third-party consultants such as architects, engineers and owner’s representatives