Planning for Fund Managers

The estate planning challenges faced by fund managers are unique. No one understands them better than Kleinberg Kaplan.

Our preeminent private funds practice, which has represented hundreds of managers over almost half a century, is central to our value as estate planning counsel. We draw on unparalleled experience to offer fund managers a depth of analysis and individual consideration offered by very few firms.

We advise clients on:

  • Unique Federal Tax Issues—we boast a thorough knowledge of the complex Internal Revenue Code provisions that deal with carried interest and other factors of concern to fund managers
  • State Income Tax Planning—we work to minimize the onerous state income tax burdens imposed on managers
  • Investment Lifecycle—we structure estate plans and trusts that exploit the growth in value over an investment’s lifecycle
  • Liquidity Concerns—we build our clients’ plans around the unique income and cash flow challenges faced by fund managers, ensuring an optimum blend of growth and access
  • Disaster Planning—we help design plans that preserve fund value and operation in case of death or disability

Clients that enjoy an ongoing relationship with our investment funds practice rely on a single team that provides comprehensive advice under one roof. Clients who only require estate planning advice benefit from our encyclopedic knowledge of every aspect of fund formation and structure.

The special challenges faced by fund managers, while daunting, present unique opportunities. We believe that we are well-positioned to help our clients make the most of these opportunities.