Real Estate Litigation

The successful resolution of real estate disputes demands a fusion of technical knowledge, practical experience and incisive strategic insight. Our practice represents the combined talents of the firm’s litigation and real estate practitioners, who have navigated decades of real estate litigation and arbitration.

Our real estate litigators place the business objectives of our clients at the forefront of the strategy, achieving favorable results through negotiation, settlement and, if necessary, vigorous litigation. While disputes are often the byproduct of even the most carefully crafted transactions and agreements, we firmly believe that with the right knowledge and dedication, these disputes can be successfully resolved or avoided altogether.

Our client list is extensive and includes real estate investment funds and investors, lenders, commercial landlords and tenants, joint ventures and partnerships, property owners, agents, brokers, developers, contractors, and cooperative and condominium plan sponsors and boards. We represent them in a wide range of disputes, including financing disputes, commercial landlord-tenant matters, cooperative shareholder and condominium association and unit owner actions, construction mechanics’ liens litigation, commercial mortgage foreclosure and nonpayment proceedings, brokerage disputes, bankruptcy and workout-related litigation, purchase-sale disputes, partition actions and many other proceedings.

We always strive to match efficacy with cost-efficiency. We steadfastly work with clients to manage litigation risk from within, before an agreement is signed or a deal is closed. In every instance, our litigation team is leanly staffed and managed at the partner level with attention, seasoned judgment and care.