Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are vital components of our culture, continued development, future growth and success as a community and law firm – all with the ultimate goal of providing exceptional legal service to our clients at the highest ethical standards. The values comprising DEI are consistent with Kleinberg Kaplan’s historical values of compassion, loyalty, creativity, teamwork and meritocracy, as well as with our passion about the clients we serve and the work we do every day. We believe that real and resolute progress in, and a continued focus on and commitment to, the areas of DEI within Kleinberg Kaplan will allow our people to achieve their fullest potential individually, and as a team, ensuring Kleinberg Kaplan continues to achieve superior results for our clients.


Kleinberg Kaplan is committed to:

  • Providing exceptional and efficient legal service to our clients while following the highest ethical standards.
  • Using a team-based and economically efficient approach to providing our clients with solutions in a responsive manner.
  • Maintaining a challenging, rewarding and entrepreneurial professional experience, along with an appropriate work/life balance, and a satisfying and congenial work experience for all of our employees.
  • Fostering Diversity, striving for Equity and ensuring Inclusivity in order to achieve the above, and to have a positive impact on ourselves, our clients and our community.

The DEI Council

To advance our DEI goals, Kleinberg Kaplan is committed to developing initiatives that ingrain, protect and promote DEI. These initiatives are focused on all aspects of Kleinberg Kaplan’s legal services, business operations, culture and impact within our larger community. In order to lay the foundation for these efforts, we have launched a DEI Council.

Our DEI Council includes employees from all departments across Kleinberg Kaplan whose diverse perspectives contribute to continually developing and refining strategic DEI goals for the firm and related programs and initiatives. Steered by the DEI Executive Committee, the DEI Council is comprised of four Cornerstone Committees – Culture, Career, Commerce and Community – and supports the work we currently perform, reinforces our dedication to that work, recognizes outstanding effort and communicates – internally and to the clients we serve – our sincere commitment to the pursuit of these objectives.

  • The Culture Committee is internally focused and develops strategies to improve the working environment for our team through exploring how the firm is governed, creating Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), supporting the DEI Council, engaging with stakeholders within the firm, and developing our brand’s overall representation in coordination with the Commerce Committee.

  • The Career Committee works to improve the employee experience through periodically reviewing practices and procedures related to all stages of the employee life cycle at Kleinberg Kaplan. They are committed to enhancing our mentorship programs, increasing learning and development opportunities firmwide and discussing strategies related to management and succession planning.

  • The Commerce Committee focuses on innovating the way that we improve, strengthen and grow our business from a DEI standpoint, through analyzing consumer insights, reviewing the diversity of our suppliers and developing how we market ourselves overall.

  • The Community Committee is externally focused and works to develop and strengthen the firm’s corporate social responsibility practices and policies through high-impact partnerships with charitable and community organizations.

Contact Us

For more information about DEI at Kleinberg Kaplan, please contact:

Maurice Collada III
Co-Executive of the DEI Council

Caitlin Santiago
Co-Executive of the DEI Council