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Kleinberg Kaplan’s Christopher Davis quoted by Barron’s in series of articles on Elon Musk’s push to take Twitter private

Firm News | April 25, 2022 | Mergers & Acquisitions | Investor Activism

Christopher Davis, chair of Kleinberg Kaplan’s M&A and Investor Activism practices, is quoted extensively by Barron’s on the ongoing Elon Musk and Twitter saga. As Musk continues his push for control of the social media platform, Chris offered his perspectives on what may have fueled Musk’s latest decisions and the potential impact on the company and its shareholders.

In the most recent Barron’s article (“Elon Musk Puts the Pressure on Twitter. All Eyes Are on the Board.”), Chris commented that Musk “has done himself a real favor” by securing commitments from financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, explaining that it “helps to dispel doubts that may linger from his past statements about being ready to buy a different public entity.”

He went on to say that it remains to be seen if Musk launches the “hostile tender” he hints at and expresses that the Board’s decision making process should not be impacted by any “aversion” to Musk.

Chris previously spoke with Barron’s in two earlier articles on the topic, which can be viewed here and here. Please note that Barron’s requires a paid subscription to access its content.