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Joint Venture

Our firm has leveraged its experience in representing private investment funds to develop a specialty in joint venture transactions. Many representations involve investors in partnerships and limited liability companies seeking to form joint ventures with developers and local real estate operators to develop land for commercial and residential uses, to refurbish and reposition existing properties or simply to hold the acquired real property for the long term.

Because joint venture real estate transactions typically involve two or more participants with different incentives and objectives, attorneys representing participants have to be sensitive to the relationships between the parties and be skillful at mastering the art of developing compromise solutions. Our goal is always first to listen to our clients carefully – sometimes what the clients and their joint venture partners do not say is as important as what they do say – and then to carefully craft a joint venture agreement that best reflects the business level discussions and agreements of the client and their joint venture partners.

We have successfully assisted our clients with joint venture agreements for direct real estate investments, mezzanine real estate investments, investment structures with multiple tranches or tiers of ownership, preferred equity investments, companies with vertically-segregated series of ownerships and many others. Our clients’ investments, through the joint venture structures we have produced, include high-end commercial-residential condominium complexes, luxury and regional shopping malls, luxury branded to tourist class hotels, planned unit residential developments, vacation condominium properties, medical office buildings, health care facilities as well as office and other commercial properties.



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