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Partner Jared Gianatasio Discusses the Promising Joint Meeting with the SEC and the CFTC

Firm News | December 7, 2020 | Derivatives

Kleinberg Kaplan Partner Jared R. Gianatasio was recently quoted in an AlphaWeek article: “Regulatory First Bodes Well For U.S. Hedge Funds Amidst Increasing Uncertainty.” In the article, Jared discusses what became of the first ever joint meeting held with the SEC and the CFTC.

Jared shares, “The main takeaway is the fact that it’s a practical example of how both the SEC and the CFTC are committed to harmonisation of their respective regulatory regimes in the United States. It’s historic in that a joint open meeting has never happened before and it’s a good example of the fact that we can hope to see future coordination between SEC and CFTC on many issues.”

Read the full AlphaWeek article here.