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Activist Client Mangrove Partners Announces Intention to Seek Board Representation at Home Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd. (HLSS).

Firm News | February 9, 2015

CNN Money, CBS Market Watch and other media outlets reported on Kleinberg Kaplan client’s Mangrove Partners’ compelling letter to the Board of Directors of HLSS advocating terminating contractual links to troubled Ocwen Financial Corp. Mangrove Partners also announced its intention to nominate a slate of highly qualified directors to replace HLSS’s current directors at its upcoming annual meeting of shareholders. Mangrove Partners was forced to take these steps after HLSS’s Board failed to respond adequately to Mangrove Partners’ private overtures for action. Kleinberg Kaplan activist attorneys Chris Davis and Jason Soncini lead the team advising Mangrove Partners in its campaign for action to protect the best interests of HLSS and its shareholders.