Strategic. Accessible.

Our Private Funds & Investment Management practice possesses unparalleled experience. We have represented a broad spectrum of hedge, private equity and other private investment funds, from industry greats to today’s innovators.

Sophisticated. Capable.

Our Real Estate lawyers advise clients on a wide range of services, including counsel on sales/acquisitions, development, financing, joint ventures, leasing and distressed investing. No matter the discipline, this deep knowledge serves our clients’ overall business strategy.

Nimble. Entrepreneurial.

Our clients operate in an unforgiving economic environment that demands speed, incisive decision-making and comfort with the unexpected. Our Corporate Transactional & Finance lawyers support their transactions with the same flexibility and creativity that they demand from themselves.

Aggressive. Prepared.

Our Litigation & Risk Management lawyers are trial-ready. For multi-billion dollar investment firms, emerging businesses and individuals alike, we know that our clients require a thoughtful and tailored approach to resolving their disputes. Whatever situation our clients might face, our team tenaciously works to protect their interests and vindicate their rights.

Responsive. Discreet.

The preservation and disposition of wealth presents a formidable challenge. Business acumen alone is not enough; foresight and diplomacy are equally important. Our Trusts & Estates practice is known for our dedicated, personal advocacy—and for our signature collaborative and creative approach.

Accomplished. Trusted.

Our Tax practice creates value through novel yet practical tax advice. We are focused on our clients’ objectives and providing a tax-efficient means to those objectives.